Thrift bit: Owl necklace

Owl necklace, charity shop - 99p

I'm not really a silver jewellery person to be honest, but this is pressing all the right buttons in my eyes, it's vintage and it's an OWL. I have 4 owl necklaces now, but I can't help it! I've cheated a little this week cause my mother actually bought me this when out and about and thought of me when she saw it, I love that she knows me so well! It does have slighty rustiness due to it's oldness but I don't care, love lov love it, and at 99p it's a great little thing and something to not feel guilty about having .. (especially as it was a gift!)

This feature came about when I was thinking just how much I miss posting on my cheap things from carboots, I just haven't been because of winter and they unfortunately stop :( I feel like my second hand and vintage twist to this blog makes me more unique, not necessarily completely unique, don't get me wrong, theres LOADS of charity shop bloggers etc, but I feel like the bloggersphere has so many blogs with the same things (wish lists and roundup posts included!!!) that I wanted to be a unique stamp on my blog. I feel like people enjoy the things I buy compared to if all I ever bought was high street or designer. Don't get me wrong, I love blogs that are just highstreet and I am always uber jealous, but alot of my followers say their favourite part of my blog is the second hand stuff, so basically yeah. This feature is going to have a little 'bit' of thriftyness, so one item that I've gotten that was second hand/cheap. This may stay only until my carboot hauls come back, as I know they are quite the favourite with people!

Anyway yeah, thats just a little snippet of what I've been feeling about my blog, would you agree or disagree about the second hand buying thing being quite a popular theme on my blog or have you got another favourite? Just let me know, I'm always excited to see what you guys have to say! :)
Been quite busy lately as I missed lots of school when I was ill so sorry I've been absent on twitter and such, but I'll keep rolling the posts out as much as I can!


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