Kiss that grrrl

Todays title is inspired by the gorgeous Kate Nash's song which I adore. I love her new album, it's a lovely little thing.

This is my official first OOTD of 2011.. I'm really excited for some reason haha. Hope this isn't an anti-climax!

Camel Jumper, marks and spencer (charity shop most likely) - Present off my mum for christmas
Polka dot high waisted skirt, carboot - £1.50
Ankle boots, carboot - £1
Chiltern esque satchel, carboot - 50p (insane, I know)

Necklaces :
Scissors, matalan - £1.67
Pocket watch, river island (gift) - £20
Aeroplane, Wallpaperrose

Rings :
Birds, primark - £2
Domino - HERE

My jumper was off my mum for christmas in a lovely camel colour, the skirt is ridiculously old from a carboot which was super duper long and I shortened. I am wearing a variet of necklaces I just chucked & the ankle boots are another carboot gem. The domino ring was actually kindly send to me by Vicki, who thought I would quite like one of her quirky ring designs and she wasn't joking, It's ridiculously cute! She sells lego and domino handmade rings and I quite like how it matches my skirt really.. that definitely wasn't intentional. Ahh, I love it when an outfit just 'works'. To get one of these beauties click HERE

Also, THE BAG. It has made an appearance HERE and may I say, it's quite strange how popular these chiltern esque bags have become on the bloggersphere! I'm quite smug that I got mine cheapo at a carboot long ago, so I thought I'd fish it out :) They go for around £20 on ebay but to be honest, I would actually fork out that much cause they are beeautiful!

This week has been blah first time back at school was today as I have been ill for a veeerrry long time, but I'm feeling better and trying to get more iron into me to make me less tired and more alert. I also had my English resit monday (thankyou for the good lucks!) and it went OK.. i.e. not as bad as last time. Hey ho, what can you do, I tried my best!

I hope you liked the first 2011 OOTD and there will be lots more to come! What do you think of the outfit, it's quite different to what I've worn before but my style is forever changing and this is trying to keep in with my new years resolution to 'not be afraid'. Also I decided that f*ck the cold I'm going to go outside and do OOTD's! Some bloggers can get away with it indoors but I can't, my lighting is crapooolah. And today wasn't too bad!

How has your week been? :)


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