#018 Share Sunday

1. THE HAIR!. Notice anything different? I've done a middle parting because I am so sick and tired of my hair and I love how it looks! I also got a little carried away with the scissors and chopped some layers into my hair. I am not a great hairdresser and it looks slightly odd when straight, but curly covers up the mess I made haha. You may be thinking 'jeez kavita it's not a big change at all' but seriously guys.. I've had the same hairstyle for about 4 years. Not. Good.

2. Spent all week ill and this weekend revising. Bleugh

3. This blouse is one of my favourite finds, was £16 from matalan and is so similar to the ones knocking about in topshop recently. They only had a sz 12 left but it's so lovely and loose and great with leffings for a casual look.

4. I have an english literature resit tomorrow and I'm scared but confident. My revision should pay off!

5. I feel quite strange recently, newly styled my hair, I've bought lots of new clothes.. and just feel really different. In a good way of course, I'm looking forward to being able to do more OOTD's now I'm better too, but I feel like I'm being more adventurous with clothes. I think it's cause I've lost a little weight since turning vegetarian and I feel more confident with things I wear.

So please tell me honestly.. the hair. Yay or nay? :)


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