#02 Wednesday Wishes

When I saw this headband on Emma, I instantly fell in love. It's one of those colours that is perfect for the upcoming change from Winter into spring, and It's reversible so you can have it on the bow or knotted side. With a £29 price tag it's a little steep, but it's just so beautiful.

This £12.50 stag ring is huge. And I mean MAHOOSIVE. I don't really know how I would be able to wear this everyday, and actually at a special occassion as the antlers are very dangerous,but nonetheless it's one of those things you just want in your jewellery box to 'ooh' and 'ahh' at when you open it. Yum.

I had no idea accessorize did lingerie, and when I got these pants in lilac from my sister for my birthday I had a little look on their website and they have the cutest knickers! I particularly love this pair, it has florals, frills on it & is £7.. need I say more?

You know when you imagine something up in your head and you then stumble across it in real life in a shop and think 'oh my god they have read my mind!'? Well that is what happened with this baby, but at £18, I think I'm better off making one myself as it would cost less money. It's so lovely and I can imagine it sprucing up alot of grandad jumpers for me :)

I wasn't sure about this dress & it's £26 pricetag, but I have grown to quite love it, and it's making me miss summer so much! It's quite cutesy which I could wear with floral tights and pretty necklaces or make it less feminine with my nautical headscarf and sneakers.

& can I just say thankyou to the lovely response from everyone on my post about my hair, it's so nice that everyone likes it! I was scared cause I never try out new hairstyles but yes, thankyou so much :) There will be an OOTD tomorrow, as I have a pretty little outfit all planned for you beautiful people!

What have you been lusting after this week?


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