Happy birthday to me..

Can't thank everyone enough for the birthday wishes via twitter, and if you didn't know, it has been my birthday today and it was actually very lovely! I'm having a party saturday, but today I just had a cinema trip and went for a family meal, and it was nice and relaxed. I was also back at sixth form, which despite the 3 hours of history, was nice to just see everyone!

Just a few snaps from my day. Went to see Harry potter with my bestie Josh, (yes, I hadn't seen it up until now, I've been busy!) which was good... but because I've read the book over and over it wasn't as good as when you watch a film and have no idea whats coming.. if that makes sense!
Then I went to a family meal with my family. The playsuit is what I got from the topshop sale for £18, I adore it. It's just so beautiful! The cake is what my 12 year old sister made and I love it, she put so much effort into it bless her and it tasted DELICIOUS!
The other outfit is what I wore to sixth form and then obviously at the cinema and I'll talk about the chinos I'm wearing another time, it was quite a laid back outfit to be fair, it was just too cold to not wear trousers!

Thanks for everyones lovely words, and one of the best gifts ever is to look and see I'm 14 away from 1000 followers, mind blowing. Honestly, thankyou so much, and I've had a lovely day! Roll on my party saturday! :)


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