#019 Share Sunday

1. Today theres no red lippie and I'm donning a nice little smokey eye. I also have a floral headband on that was £1 from topshop reduced from £8. I remember when these came into fashion and everyone was wearing them and I hated them but now they aren't so popular I quite like them. No one likes things that EVERYONE is wearing, it's just irritating.

2. You may have seen me talking about it on twitter but I'm struggling with the decision of uni or not. My situation is this - I'm gap yearing it next year to go travelling and I'm not sure whether uni is for me or not afterwards? I know that after my travelling I will probably have an idea but I'm still stuck so please give me your stories and opinions in this post. I figure theres no better perspective than you guys, and my sixth form is crap, it doesn't give people who don't really know if they want to go to uni an idea of what else there is, they just EXPECT everyone to go. It's not because I'm not capable, I'm just fed up with education. Anyway please please let me know, did you go/are you going to uni or not? Do you have any advice for me? :) I'm also not even sure what I want to study, MAYBE something fashion related but yeah, I'm stuck. HELP.

3. Wowee, thankyou so much for the sweet comments on my last post, I'm glad you liked my outfit and I'm hoping I'll have loads more OOTD's coming up! :)

4. I spent most of today having a declutter and I cleaned most of my house. I've become a little OCD recently, I think it's all this spare time with no job!

5. Thankyou to all these people - Alice, May, Rebecca & Hen.
For mentioning me in blog posts or giving me awards. Thankyou so much :) (and if I forgot to mention you I'm sorry, let me know!!)


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