#03 Wednesday Wishes

This is a rushed one.. currently multi-tasking a million different things this very second!

I wanted these suede leggings from topshop for ages but they are now out of my size :( I'll just keep my fingers crossed I see them instore or they pop back up in a size 8. I never thought they would be my style but I think they'd look great with a rust coloured tee and my amazing wedges (which I still haven't blogged about, meh bad blogger alert!!)

I recieved Vera wang princess at christmas, it's amazing and ridiculously cute, and I want Marc Jacobs Daisy to add to my pretty small perfume collection. I know bloggers like these perfumes cause the bottles are to die for, but I quite like them just cause they smell SO good! And I recieved a £10 boots card from my cousin so I think I'll put it toward the perfume when I next have monies!

This ring is from forever21 and on ebay at the moment and I just think it's really fitting with the fashion at the moment, I'm not really one for silver jewellery but I think it's better silver, and matched with dark lipstick and dark lace blouses for a 'grunge' look. Yum!

Haha a moustache corkscrew. Nuff said really?

This satchel bag, aghhh I want it SO SO much. I have a few bags but I just feel like this bag is so perfect for summer, it's a light bag and I seem to have lots of brown and black bags and argh. I just need it in my life, you know? *sigh*

What have YOU been lusting after this week? :)


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