#016 Share Sunday

1. Happy new year everyone! I had a pretty lovely one, spent with friends from sixth form and my besties. It was great to spend it with loads of people I knew and was just a laugh really. Above picture is my face on the day.. my dress was £2 from a jumble sale! I haven't actually got a very good picture of it, but I'll try show it all another day.

2. This time next week I will have done my last shift at work *sniff* Going to miss it all so so much!

3. Right now I'm sifting through a huge pile of photos to put into my scrapbook for my birthday. As a family, we're all making one for me to mark the occassion and suffice to say it's very nostalgic. I have changed so much, I'm practically a different person!

4. I've hardly done anything this holiday and I'm annoyed but hey, I've worked and just relaxed. I'm back at sixth form wednesday (my birthday, I know right) and not looking forward to triple history on that day. Woo?

5. This time next week my friends, I will have turned the big 1-8. I'm having a house party on the saturday and just a small meal and cinema trip on the actual day. I'm one of those people that sees becoming an adult a properly big deal if I'm honest. I'm ridiculously scared to grow up.. AGH!

How was your new years, is there something special I need to do for my 18th AND how did you spend yours?! Let me know :)


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