#01 Wednesday Wishes

I've always loved grecian styled dresses and I saw this in H&M and thought it was so so cute! It looks better in real life than in this picture, and they only had a size 16 left in store :( Then in the christmas sales they had them going cheap but didn't have my size left! I'm still awaiting one to crop up on ebay, and going for alot cheaper than this one

Swallow socks are so cute and these ones from topshop are a gorgeous burgundy colour, and would look perfect with the Layla heels for a perfect miu miu copy.

I love typewriters and this necklace off love hearts and crosses is so adorable! I love online jewellery stores and this necklace struck me mainly because of how unique it is. The little paper thing even comes out and everything! I do own way too many necklaces at the moment though, so having said all this, this one has definitely got to be a wish for now!

This cuckoo clock is only a tenner, and because I am doing my room up, it would be perfect! I would prefer it in the cream colour but it doesn't show up as good online so I just chose the black one to show you.

The alass topshop heels have been and gone but I still adore them, and troll ebay hoping to find a second hand pair in my size. If anyone finds them in a size 3/4, you know where to find me! ;)

What have you guys been lusting after this week?


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