Falling for fall.

Hello everyone! Wow it feels like forever since I last posted! It's been about a week and I felt so guilty the whole week that I hadn't updated, but in all honesty work has been quite hectic, aswell as the weather being pretty crap resulting in me coming to work in just layers and layers and layers and layers - ugh!

Photos by Carmen - lackofcolor

Burgundy Bell Sleeve Dress, c/o gypsy warrior
Spike Black trilby/Fedora, c/o Missguided
Lookalike Zara Biker Leather Black Coat, c/o sheinside
Black Dr Martens c/o Scorpio Shoes
Quilted Bag, c/o My Luxury Taste

Luckily the weather is alot nicer now here in Munich, and I must say it's starting to feel so much more like Autumn. A nice chill in the air, without being too cold, the golden leaves etc. Before anyone bites my head off for having bare legs - like I've just said it's actually been really nice the past few days here so it was definitely tight-less kinda weather!

I took these photos with my wonderful friend Carmen, who I must say is a life saver in terms of my blog. Not only does she also have a blog, but shes awesome at taking photos (and doesn't mind having to take mine..dont worry - I take hers in return!)
This dress is very hippy - esque, although teaming it with a dark lipstick has definitely turned this outfit into an unintenionally gothic/grungey ensemble! I haven't worn dark lipstick like this ever, so it was definitely an experiment - you'll have to judge if it was successful or not! I love how it matches the burgundy in the dress, which is always the perfect colour for Autumn!

This dress could really have done with an iron, but within my apartment the iron currently doesn't work (nightmare central) so I just thought you guys could forgive me right? I also own this dress in black and can't wait to wear it. Smock style baggy dresses are always the best things to wear when you aren't feeling overly body confident, but also just for throwing on with a bunch of accessories :-)

Hope you are all doing well and it isn't too cold back in the UK!
The winter months here get as cold as -9 .. so I reckon you won't be seeing any outfits quite so fashionable during December!

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