#02 Friday Favourites

It's that time of the week again..!
Working in an office means that browsing stores online is pretty much guaranteed, and I've spotted a few beauties recently I can't wait to get my hands on!

1. Stella Mccartney Lookalike Platform Clogs (White) - £74
Ahh these shoes man. They're so ugly but in such a good way that I can't help but fall in love. When I first saw them I definitely wasn't a fan, but theres something so 'swedish-blogger-esque' about 'em. And now all the sites have got amazing copies so I guess I haven't got an excuse anymore!

2. Cut out Buckle Boots - £28.99
I don't know how its taken s long for these badboys to get a decent lookalike madebut after new look got them and sold out, ebay was bound to jump in and save the day! They're so nice and look so much like Coltranes I'm tempted to get some even though I already have some crazy similar!

3. Black Knit Snood - £3.98
I think the snood is always my #1 staple in winter. I'm ALWAYS cold and already the german chill is setting in, and the nights of onesies and hot water bottles is setting in. Snoods are so much easier and cosier than scarves, and a black one goes with pretty much anything!

4. Rich Fashion Advisory Explicit Content Sweater - £13.69
Alexander Wang sent tongues wagging, and of course my clutch is a firm favourite with this slogan so I reckon a sweater is next on the list!

5. MISBHV Team Paris Sweater - £50
Ahhhh I freakin love MISBHV and these team paris sweaters, infact the whole collection is amazing.

6. Hamburger Sweater - £17
I don't even need to justify why this is so awesome, saw this on tumblr and have been trying to find one for ages. I am actually getting this.. and I am being 100% serious ;-)

7. a$ap white beanie - £5.70
I love white still, I think in winter especially it's going to look amazing and crisp against snow. This beanie is pretty simple to add a little but of white to an outfit!

8. Tropical Print Flatforms - £21.99
ARGH I wanted these so bad but now summer is over it's not possible. AH well, theres always next year right?

9. Gold ID chain necklace - 99p
I spent about £15 on one of these a few months ago and now they're 99p? Yep, thanks ebay.

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