Change Your Life.

I shot these a at the same time as fashion week again with Melissa and I absolutely love this two piece from Oh my love!

Oh my Love Purple Zip Two Piece, £25 each (sale)
Perspex Clutch, c/o Missguided
Lookalike Henry Holland 'Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle, in my eye'
Sunglasses c/o Choies

Ozone White Leather Chunky Heels, Office - £68 (SIMILAR HERE!!)

I remember them being in a massive sale they had, and after falling in love with the yellow two piece a little while ago, I knew this one had to be mine! It's really lovely, very tight fitting but flattering aswell. I have a very 'up and down figure' (well technically I am an inverted triangle but most of the time I look boyish!) so this outfit really does make me look alot *curvier* :-)

Just a quick one again today as I've stayed late at work to get this up! Sometimes it's just nicer to have the office space (and free food and drink!) to get me through the evening, but it's also a little annoying having to go back on the tube at like 9pm! Thank goodness Oktoberfest is over though, and theres no longer drunk people everywhere.. I'm not usually fussed but after a long day at work I could do with it being a little more chilled! That being said - Oktoberfest was AH-MAZING, and I literally can't wait to go back next year ;-)

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