Hello everyone .. hope you are well!

I wasn't going to post this outfit as I wasn't sure of how many decent shots I got, but I found a few I liked and thought it would be nice to post - I feel super guilty not posting for 10 days that I now feel like I need to post everyday just to make up for it!

Photos by Carmen - lackofcolor

Slanting Stripes Grey Strappy Dress, c/o ROMWE
Oversized Circle Sunglasses, c/o Zero Uv
OH SHIT! Black Beanie, Ebay - £9.99
Lookalike Blue 'Celine' Trapeze Bag, Ebay - £37.99
Patent Zara Black Boots, Zara - Carmens

I took these a little while ago and actually took the dress back to England because although I love it so so much, it ain't that practical for work (note: the stringy bits get caught on EVERYTHING) I thought it would be more practical to bring things back to Munich that I would wear more.. I don't actually think I succeeded really when I have a proper inspection of my suitcase (which I still haven't unpacked) but oh well.. I have a decent amount of clothes and more importantly .. WINTER CLOTHES. I hate my winter wardrobe, kill me now.

How amazing are these zara booties? Carmen has them (and we happen to be the same shoe size which is amazing!) and so I robbed them for a little bit. I want them so badly but I have recently got so many boots in time for a/w.. over the knee boots, patent boots, chelsea boots, chunky boots.. and all I ever seem to reach for still is my docs *sigh* maybe one day these patent beauts will be mine but for now, Carmen will have to deal with me stealing them now and again ;-)

I hope you are all alright and have been okay during that bloody storm! Theres some really exciting things going on at work at the moment so I've been very very busy - but in a good way!

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