White Walls.

First of all.. I am so sorry I haven't blogged in 10 days. Not only is that not very like me - especially without any explanation, but it was definitely not intended!

Photos by Carmen - lackofcolor

White Beanie, ebay - £3.49
Ray Ban Wayfarers, c/o Sunglasses Shop
Gold Chunky Chain Necklace, H&M - £7.99 (similar here!)
Lookalike Givency Rottweiler tee, ebay - £12.99
Faux Leather Jogger Pant Trousers, c/o Missguided
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote Lookalike Bag, Ebay - £33
Black and white chunky chelsea boots, c/o missguided
'Classy Sheffield Lady' Daniel Wellington Watch, c/o DW

I wasn't really planning to blog this outfit but it came together so nicely and I was desperate to show off my new booties from Missguided. Not only are they the perfect 'Chelsea boot and Stella Mccartley platform hybrid' but they are also dirt cheap. I wasn't really a fan when they first came out, but when they sold out on missguided I was a little miffed. They have come back in stock now (probably will sell out again though!) so the girlies at missguided let me have a few new a/w pieces (including a few tartan bits - they have some amazing bits at the moment definitely worth a gander!)

As i went back I took a suitcase back full of clothes I brought out I hadn't been wearing and knew wouldn't (panic packing - please say I'm not the only one?!) and so brought a suitcase back out full of things I really thought I needed (mainly pyjamas and gym clothes!) but was happy I threw in my lookalike givenchy rottweiler tee and white beanie - as this oufit was a lovely thrown on outfit this morning and I am happy I can actually post after such a long break!

Theres been crazy storms in the UK so I hope you're all keeping safe (particularly you southerners!) it was actually like 20 degrees today so the sunglasses were out - Although don't be too jealous.. Munich goes down to as little as -9 in Winter!

The sparkly dress I wore can be found HERE

On thursday I was flown from Munich to London to attend a wonderful event held by AX PARIS! It was so so so so good, I had such a wonderful time and thank the guys at AX Paris and Etail PR for sorting everything out for me. I chilled with some other incredible international bloggers who I am massive fans of from stalking them on lookbook for years! Myself and the wonderful Olivia, Kim and AX PARIS gang then partied until am at 'The Nest' in Dalston which had some amazing throwback songs we all boogied too! They were kind enough to book my flight back on the sunday, and from Manchester - meaning on friday morning (feeling terribly hungover and tired) I popped on a train to Sheffield for 2 hours, and surprised my family. Saying 'they were shocked' is kind of an understatement. They had no idea I was coming home and it was so nice to just relax in my own house (and bed!) for a few days, then last night I flew back to Munich, got back to my apartment at 11pm, and then had work nice and early the today.. I am now currently staying late at work to edit and upload this post - *phew!* At least the clocks have gone back which gave me an extra hour to adjust (even though Germany is indeed 1 hour infront so always messes up my internal clock slightly!)

Sorry there aren't any better pictures - I was so busy enjoying the night (and free cocktails..) that I only really meanaged a few instagram pictures. Infact I got a few photobooths aswell but they're back in England.. Oh I don't know. I don't blog for 10 days and then I'm a shoddy blogger when I finally do! *slaps wrists*

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