Being Vegetarian - Easy Nachos

Hello guys, hope you are all well!
If you are an avid instagram follower (@shewearsfashion)! Then you will have seen me post many pictures of my boyfriend and I making nachos. They aren't particularly overly 'vegetarian', but I find they are SUCH a good snack for a movie night in! Alot of people like to have quite meaty things as 'picnic' style snacks when they have parties such as sausage rolls, sausage on sticks, mini burgers etc, so I think it's great little alternative! I've done a little step by step, but use whatever takes your fancy it's a very simple 'recipe' so feel free to go crazy with it!

Tescos own salted tortilla crisps | Tescos own mild salsa | Tescos own 'pizza cheese' grated mozzarella and cheddar mix (you don't have to get all tesco haha!)

1. Cut up some greaseproof paper to the right size and pop it into a baking tray - so it wont stick and makes it a tonne easier for washing!

2. Next, pour your tortilla crisps onto the tray, and liberally spread your salsa on top. We usually leave a little for extra dipping too :-)

3. Pop the cheese on and try and coat as much or as little as you like - We chose the mozzerella and cheddar mix as the mozzarella is super tasty and the cheddar adds a little 'kick'

4. Pop it into the grill for about 5-10 minutes, depending on how crispy you like it! Keep an eye on it as it really does cook rather quickly, then pop it out!

5. Voila! Easy nachos which takes hardly any time at all! I think it would be nicer with nice chunky onion and tomatoes on top, but thats for the more adventurous people out there than can actually cook ;-)

I hope you liked this little 'being vegetarian' post - maybe get yourself some nachos made in time for the fourth of July tomorrow? I'll be getting my flag swag on ;-) If you guys make these, please @shewearsfashion me if you post them on instagram so I can take a nosey (and be super jealous how much better you've done most likely!)


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