#06 Thrifty thursday - Barry M Nails.

Hello everyone - hope you're well! Sorry but being so MIA, Will sort myself out eventually, just got heaps of stuff to get done in the real world at the moment!

Barry M Nail Polish in Coral, carboot - 20p (but available here for £3.20!!)
Technic Nail Polish in Carnival, ebay - £1.20

Just thought I'd show you this gorgeous Coral colour by Barry M I picked up at the carboot for 20p! I always pick up Barry M polishes at the carboot - they're usually fairly new and ungloopy and always dead cheap. I think I've got about 5 from the carboot now, which is perfect because they are my favourite polish brand ever!

I wore it with the gorgeous Carnival glitter polish by Technic, which is the well known dupe of OPI rainbow connection, but a fraction of the price. I picked mine up for £1.20 from this seller, and I have had so many compliments. I love doing the glitter on my nail tips rather than all over, as it isn't too much.

I don't tend to blog about beauty related stuff at all on this blog but I think I will now and again as I do take an interest, it's just never really over the top kind of stuff. I'm never going to be the kind of girl that has over 20 lipsticks in all similar shades - its just not me I'm afraid ;-)


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