#05 Thrifty thursday - Black Lace.

Hello everyone! Hope you are well!
Today I am all drugged up on paracetamol - I am super ill! :-( My little sister has been off school the past few days and I have unfortunately caught a nasty bug off her. I braved the ickyness and decided that Thrifty Thursday had to go ahead regardless, but head up for the fact I look very spaced out and weird on the photos - I was about to pss out out of sheer tiredness!

Lace shirt, carboot - £2
Jeffrey Campbell Clinics, ebay - £50
American Apparel Riding pants, ebay - £35

I absolutely love this sheer shirt. I look very gothic with the clinics and riding pants! It's pretty perfect for a/w which may be a while away now, but it's never too early to prepare yourself! It's hard to know how to style them if I am honest, besides the standard riding/disco pants. I have a pair of gorgeous acid wash high waisted skinny jeans from h&m that would look amazing, and maybe even my H&M leather skirt.

Have you found any amazing bargains recently? :-)


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