Dream Catch Me.

Hello all!
It's recently been the weirdest weather in the whole world the past few weeks. Whilst I heard it was crazy sunny in London and other places up to like 25 degrees (i hate you all!) it was actually like monsoon over in the north, as sheffield got crazy rain! It was very humid, very much like a rainforest, that it was rainy and sunny and warm and just bizarra. I don't understand how to dress in this kind of weather, so I sat inside in my pyjamas!

Luckily it was really sunny on friday, so I was able to show off some things I have been wanting to for a while now!

Sleeveless Fringe Crochet Top, c/o Pilot (£16.99)
Aztec Print Denim Shorts c/o Lavish Alice (£24)
Dreamcatcher necklace & Quill feather necklace c/o Eclectic Eccentricty
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, c/o soyoushoes
Faux zara tan leather shopper tote, ebay - £11.99

I was after a crotchet style crop top for ages, and when Pilot sent me this I was really over the moon! It's so nice to wear with shorts, so different to just wearing a tee or whatever and think if any of you are hitting festivals its definitely a must have! I had to actually dye a white bra of mine to get it to be a slight 'nude' for me, as a normal nude in shops is well... white. So that was effort, but I'm glad I have a 'nude' bra now!

Lavish Alice kindly sent me these tribal shorts that are super duper comfy! They are a little on the big side but I quite like that - majority of my shorts are so tight fitting I can't really wear them around the house as its just nowhere near as comfy as trackie bottoms, but these shorts are a dream!

When I was editing these pictures I had one of those 'my hair looks crazy, I look fat, I look rough, whats going on with my arm? Oh my god I look like a poser, oh no none of these pictures are good' kind of feelings. I think having a blog makes you very critical of yourself, and I very rarely like looking over a post of mine more than twice maximum. I can pick out so many flaws its unreal, but I'm aware alot of us are like this, and after editing the pictures I was just like 'I look fine!' - Blogger problems eh? Please tell me I'm not the only one?!

Hope you are all well and were able to enjoy some of the sun (if you got to see any!)


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