#04 Thrifty thursday - Red sheer shirt

Hey everyone - hope you are well!

Marks and Spencers Red sheer shirt/blouse, carboot - £1.50
American Apparel Disco Pants, c/o Republic
(similar here!)

I came across this gorgeous red sheer shirt at the carboot recently, and can't wait to wear it over summer. Gorgeous maxi skirts and high waisted shorts, it's literally perfect! I find it quite difficult to style colours together. I never know wether to be realy matchy matchy or really miss matched!

I've really been getting into plain shirts and comfy knits. As much as I love my long flowy dresses and skirts, I've really been feeling the whole 'casual' vibe. All I want to buy is tonnes of knits off ebay and casual oversized tees (similar to my white topshop one and neon sheinside one!) and trying to get lots of accessories to make it a little more interesting!

I'm so glad I have tumblr and the internet to help me when I'm not sure how to style stuff haha, what kind of clothes have you guys been warming to recently?


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