Faux / Lookalike Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Hello everyone!I decided to do this post as a little in depth guide on the shoes I wear quite abit on this blog - my faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas! I get a fair feq questions on the comfort, quality, and overall likeness of the genuine article so thought I'd give my two cents :-)

Firstly, I'm all for people buying the genuine article. Don't get me wrong, if I could afford it, I would. The Jeffrey Campbell Lita is the kind of shoe I want in every colour. At a price of around £100 each - that is far from affordable!

When the lookalikes first appeared, they were in the form of ones from Asia, mainly china and hong kong surfacing on ebay. The links for these are HERE & HERE. If you look closely they have a plastic heel, rather than a lookalike wooden heel, and are very flimsy. I actually bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell foxy lookalikes and wore them HERE & HERE - The heel broke after a week and they were super uncomfortable. I was glad to get my ASOS bitten platforms for christmas whch are a dupe for the Foxys - super comfy and incredible quality! I would not recommend these lookalikes, they just aren't worth the money! So until a better version came along I waited until I ventured into getting a faux pair!

Another pair of lookalikes I would avoid are any that look like these (link HERE) on the left hand side. Look at it in comparison to the faux litas that I prefer..

If you have a look at the heel and how raised it is compared to a normal pair of faux litas that I get, it is way too high. Uncomfortably high! I have seen a few people wearing these on blogs and think to myself 'How can you walk in these?!?!' - As much as people think I'm crazy for wearing heels alot, I wear comfy heels, and can't stand a heel that you can only wear in and out of a taxi! These ones I also would not recommend!

Now onto the jackpot - The best faux litas around!

Heres a littla FAQ -
Are they comfortable? - YES! SO COMFY! I've worn the brown pair on a night out (you can tell, they are so battered!) and I wear them out whilst shopping and events and just everything really, they are very comfy! You can even wear a pair of trainer socks to add more comfort as they are covered which I find amazingly comfortable! :-)
Are they great quality? - Yes, I would say so!
Do they look like the real deal? - To me, yes. I can actually tell the difference as the actual litas are alot higher and fatter at the front (and possibly comfier if thats possible!) but on a normal scale no. They only giveaway is the plastic feel to the laces, the faux wooden heel and of course the zip. Huge giveaway, but most people will think they are the real JC's! Of course when you have a colour than actually isn't available in JC's like my tan leather ones, it's obvious (but only to you lita experts!)

Here are my shoes and you can decide for yourself if you think they are worth the money!

Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, c/o soyoushoes

Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, ebay - £35

American Flag Print Lookalike Litas, c/o soyoushoes

They range from around £30 - £40, but of course the american flag ones are very cheap at the moment and so are the suede ones, so grab them if you want them (£12 for a pair of heels in general is cheap let alone these babies!)
I will link to my top ebay sellers which are
HERE , HERE , HERE, HERE (only £12.99!) & HERE.

You can get so many colours now which is so good, from coral, to suede neon, to flag print and glitter! The glitter are next on my list - I just can't justify it because I own so many shoes already! I also like the paisley print which are quite obviously fake as they aren't a design from JC at all - but they are beautiful!

I hope this has answered a few questions & I'm sorry for being so MIA. I'm getting over my flu so hopefully everything will be back to normal next week and I can finally restock my shop after much stalling!


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