Fourth Of July

Following on from my previous post about flag prints, it was only fitting to wear this ensemble as it is fourth of July, aka Independence day!
All the stores online went a little crazy for it, flag printed everything - I was in heaven!

American Flag Print Leggings, ebay - £6.99
American Flag Print Lookalike Litas, c/o soyoushoes
Chambray shirt, c/o Republic (£32)

I teamed this with the soul cal chambray shirt I recieved from Republic, and my flag print leggings and faux litas! I really want to get the faux litas for £12 off ebay as I kinda want a pair to do a DIY to, maybe glitter or something crazy? What do you think? It's so cheap i feel I'd be rude not to!

Have you guys dont anything special today? I really wanted to try this new American diner place which has opened up near me but I've felt so worn out recently I decided to just chill at home! My little sister has gone to her american friends house, which I'm so jealous of as they'll be doing tonnes of fireworks and other fourth of july themed things!

Hope you are all well - may have to make my cheesey nachos for tea as everytime I scroll down it just makes me HUNGRY!


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