#017 Share Sunday

Yes, another belated one. Dear me!

1. I finished my job yesterday and yes, there were tears! I'm going to miss all of it really, (maybe not the 20 hour week on top of my sixth form as I had time for NOTHING!) but everyone I work with in particular. We had lots of hugs and goodbyes, but I'm hoping I'll be back soon. They want to keep me on and the head office has put my name forward, even if it's not for the same store, I'll get a part time job with the company within the next month. Fingers crossed anyway, but I hope a place pops up in the same store, cause I already miss everyone haha!

2. The reason this is belated is because I had my house party saturday, it was really good! There weren't too many of us, but lots of my close friends and we sat around and chatted and drank, one of my best friends passed out and they brought out my birthday cake and surprised me haha! It was a caterpillar cake (I know right, haven't had one since I was about 12!) and the picture is my face when I saw them bring it out. But yeah, I got to sleep around 4am, and woke up at 8am for work so I was shattered, as soon as I got home from work I fell asleep (in my coat and work clothes haha) and woke up at 1am! So I didn't have time to do one yesterday, sorry folks!

3. I wore a denim dress by primark that I got on ebay for £3, and my new wedges which I still need to properly post about. I'm going to post pictures from my party tomorrow on it's own post, cause there are a few nice (and sober) ones!

4. No job means more time to do this blogalog and good timing too, as having 1030 followers (can't even describe how crazy this is to me!) I need to up my game and stop slacking, good job I have lots of pretty clothes to show you all :)

5. I've had one hell of a week last week, with my 18th and leaving my job, but it was one of the best weeks ever and I'm in a good place in my life at the moment. I think my resolution of being positive has helped, I'm hoping 2011 is definitely my year!

6. I haven't had my email on my blog at all for some reason, I forgot, but it is - iheartvintagex@hotmail.co.uk , incase anyone would like to email me (for whatever, questions, chitchat, anything!) :)

Sorry for the lateness of the post, I'm so happy that I'll have more time to blog though! :)


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