Rolling in the deep

This title is inspired by Adeles new gorrrgeous song, it's incredible and I love her voice. That girl just keeps on amazing me!

Onto the outfit -

Leather jacket, vintage
Serpents of rock crop tee, topshop - REDUCED £22 to £10
Navy chinos, topshop - REDUCED £45 to £20
Belt, vintage
New look brogues, ebay - £11
Swallow necklace, jumble sale - 50p
Skull ring, matalan - £6

I wanted to picture the leather jacket on a seperate post but it just fits with the outfit so well I couldn't not show you.
I cleaned my hallway on the sunday and found an old leather jacket (the hallway hasn't bee sorted for a LOOONG time!) and I think it's just an old one of my mums or something. Nonetheless I quite like it and it's got a tight fit so doesn't make me look huge. The belt has also just appeared from some of the old things I own and it is very tight, but matches my brogues and bag quite perfectly .. (which look very orange in these photos but they aren't that orange in RL!)

The clothes were what I got from the topshop sale! The top is a 12 but has a nice baggy kinda crop fit. The trousers however are only a 10 but are ridiculously big on me :( I'm not sure wether to ebay them off or not, as I've wanted some navy chinos for a while now..? But I need to start purchasing clothes that actually fit me well haha. What do you think?

Also, I know I'm breaking all the rules in the fashion rulebook by having navy and black together but I've never gone by that rule as I have black hair, so whenever I wear navy it's going to have that effect haha!
Other than feeling like a little bit of a biker chick I quite like my outfit today, and I know you're all getting sick of my vintage headscarf in every picture but I literally haven't taken it off my head!

Thankyou for such a great opinions in my previous post about universities, if you have an opinion honestly, the longer the better! I've read all of them and they genuinely help as you guys are the ones experiencing it, and I'm so lucky I have followers to ask these kindof questions to. So if you want to have your say commewnt on the post below and I'll take a look, but thanks so much guys!


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