La Braderie De Lille - Day 1

So I was lucky enough to be invited along by the incredible team at Miss Selfridge to join them on a trip to the 'Braderie', the biggest vintage market which takes place in the whole of Europe. You can imagine my excitement.. France, vintage?! YES PLEASE

So I recorded a little vloggity vlog and it's not amazing but I ried to capture the most exciting bits. The hotel we stayed in was called Lesplanade Lille and I kid you not.. it was FLAWLESS. All of the rooms were top to toe incredible and I literally feel so priviledged to have been able to stay there. I also got the deluxe room which meant it was two floors. Yeah, so that happened!
We didn't even have much time in all honesty to actually stay at the hotel because we were at the markets for the full two days! Not that I am complaining because it was all just an incredible experience and the markets were amazing!
We were fortunate enough to make full use of Miss Selfridge having a courier taking things back so lots of the girls got things like chairs and things for their houses which is insane. I didn't get too much because I was pretty overwhlemed with it all and didn't want to spend too much. Plus the prices weren't *crazy* cheap, definitely not carboot prices so I only parted with my cash where necessary ;-)

Spike Black trilby/Fedora, c/o Missguided
Oversized Circle Sunglasses, c/o Zero Uv
Floral Ditsy Playsuit, co Miss Selfridge
Black Dr Martens c/o Scorpio Shoes

My outfit was pretty casualish - it was really lovely weather and I embraced the fedora hat trend whilst out there along with my circle sunnies. Wearing my Dr Martens when I've only worn them once or twice before and walking for around 5-6 miles was an experience to say the least! Never the less they are now solidly broken in and mega comfy (two blisters and plasters later!)
I will be posting the second outfit in tomorrows post (when I will be living it up in Barcelona!) and talking a little bit more about it but I am still a little lost for words on the whole experience!

Thanks so much to Miss Selfridge for giving me the most incredible first time abroad experience of my life and letting me come along! Next stop - Barcelona!

Much love to every single one of you x

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