Comic Books.

This is probably my favourite piece from black milk, ever. I mentioned in my random facts video that I use to collect manga and anime comic books, an whilst this isn't like manga/anime comics, I still aprreciate all comic book artwork and having it sprawled across a fitted dress is a dream!

'Woman in red' Comic Book Print Bodycon Dress, c/o blackmilk
Red Unif Hellbounds, Gift
Lookalike White Wildfox Twiggy Sunglasses, c/o Zerouv

I kept it pretty simple but still a statement with my red helbounds. These white twiggy wildfox sunglasses lookalike from zero uv are AMAZING. In all seriousness they are incredible and I deffo haven't stopped wearing them since recieving them!

Tomorrow I'm off to London overnight as I have an early start on saturday heaing off on the Eurostar to FRANCE. Excited and scared all at the same time! I couldn't ask for a better first trip away as I have the priviliedge of being Miss Selfridges guest for the weekend whilst we wander around the vintage markets finding jewels. I will be instagramming and blogging so look out for all things Miss Selfridge! I'll also have my first attempt as vlogging my weekend so you guys can really see what I got up to :-)!

Big shoutout to them for aranging all this as I CANNOT WAIT OMG.

Much love my lovelies!
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