This outfit was one of those fluke style outfits I have. I originally planned to wear something completely different with my new petals and peacocks tea and then this all kinda came together!

Rolling Stone Style Tongue Tee, c/o petals and peacocks
White Sport Elasticated Shorts, Ebay - £5.50
Lookalike Henry Holland 'Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle, in my eye'
Sunglasses c/o Choies

Red Check Flannel Vintage Shirt, Carboot - £2 (similar here!)
Boy London Cap, Ebay - £11.99
Black Faux Leather Rucksack, Primark - £9 (similar here!)
Jeffrey Campbell 'Stein' c/o Yayer
Fake Infinity Tattoo, c/o DCER

I love these white sports shorts I got off ebay. They are the perfect piece for sports luxe, and I can't wait to wear them to London Fashion Week! Speaking of - I'm getting so excited/nervous as I have so much to plan already - let alone fashion week which is a full 5 days of madness on top! I'm very excited as my sister is coming down for a few days and will be filming me around as a 'follow me around LFW' kinda video - so look out for that! :-)
I'm working a little with Mercedes-Benz for LFW and they have a cool contest going on atm where you can actually come along to fashion week and attend some great parties etc! In order to enter you need to upload a photo/video of your summer look of 2013 on the social reporter!

The Jeffrey Campbell Steins are SO easy to walk in! They aren't even that heavy. I was so surprised at the easiness, but also realised that although walking is easy, if I slip in the slightest I will definitely break my ankles! Thats the risk for fashion I guess? haha

Hope you are all well!
Much love!

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