This girl is on fire.

I've been wanting to show you guys this whole ensemble for a little while now but I haven't got around to it up until now!

Unif Fire Crop Top, Miss KL*
Spike Choker, - ebay - £3.20
Black Skater Skirt, c/o Romwe (similar here!)
Leather Black UNIF Hellbound / Big Lita Lookalike, c/o Missguided

*This item was bought using a coupon which I won a few months ago in a contest.

I won a contest with Miss KL a few months ago (a few, means basically a LOT of months ago!) and I bought a few pieces including this incredible fire crop top. I am literally in awe of it. It's perfect with everything, it fits like a dream and it's cropped - my favourite kind!
I got this spike choker and it doesn't actually fit because I apparently have a small neck?! But it was actually a costume spike choker! It wass so so cheap though, and it's definiely fitting with this whole outfit and makes me feel realy *gothic* circa 2000. To say it's a 'costume' piece, the spikes are still hella spikey - and you wouldn't guess it is a cheapo piece as it's actually really good quality! It's big enough however to wear on my thigh, which is a great idea but not so great practically when walking.. I'll figure it out! ;-)

I've had a very busy few days and am bracing myself for the busiest month next month, September. I'm off to cover a little festival in London (more on that at a later date woohoo!) then I am going away to Barcelona for a bloggy project (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!)and then off to fashion week for my 5 days of madness. Safe to say I'm going to be a little bit busy but I won't forget you lovely little lot. I'm filming my first video for youtube either tomorrow or saturday as my tripod finally came in the post.. yay! I'm over at shewearsfashion if you were wondering! I already have over 70 subscribers cause you guys are all super duper amazing! My first video is a 50 random facts tag and surprisingly I have quite alot! I'm full of randomness apparently!

Have a happy Thursday!
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