Summertime Sadness

The title is pretty apropriate.. I feel like I'm missing the summer already! There have been flashes of summer here and there but honestly wish the freaky heat wave we had in England lasted longer!

I am so in love with these bras from missguided. Wearing pretty bra crop tops with printed trousers are kinda my *thing* atm! I decided to wear my vintage headscarf that alot of people were going crazy for on my instagram after I wore it to a trip to manchester!

Headscarf, vintage - £1
Black Strappy Triangle Bra Crop, c/o Missguided
Stripe Trouser Pants, c/o The Editors Market
Ray Ban Wayfarers, c/o Sunglasses Shop
Large Red Lips Clutch (big Size), ebay - £18
Diva at Miss Selfridge Gold Chain Necklace, c/o Impulse London
Freedom at Topshop Gold cherub necklace, c/o Impulse London
Lookalike Zara Black Suede Stilletto Sandal Strap Heel, Ebay - £14.99
Gold Ankle Cuffs, Ebay - £3.05

I am currently giving away these trousers on my instagram if you would like to enter! Editors Market kindly have let me give them away as they know these are my fave things right now (and have worn them pretty religously!)

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Basically my life is so stressful and busy and I feel a little overwhelemed. I filmed my first youtube video which should be going up tomorrow evening if it all goes well. I also want to film a little announcement video as I have some news about a new job.. but I won't say anything more until then! ;-)

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