Lets Make Out..

Large Red Lips Clutch (big Size), ebay - £18
'Lets Make Out' Oversized Tee Dress, c/o Never Fully Dressed
Wildfox White Bel Air Sunglasses, Ebay - £130
Ozone White Leather Chunky Heels, Office - £68 (SIMILAR HERE!!)

I really fell in love with this top/dress from Never fully dressed. It's a perfect casual tee that I can wear in the hot day with no leggings and a cap. It's also the most perfect night time top aswell cause it's just so comfy! This arrived on the same day as this lips clutch I ordered a little while ago and I didn't think I'd pair them together but it was pretty much fate!

I've been trying to get rid of lots of my old junk and make more space in my room at the moment. I've been fiddling around with my camera for my youtube videos which should be all done and dusted next week at some point. I filmed some stuff but editing is going to be a lot tricker than I ever thought - argh!

Hope you've all had an awesome weekend :-)
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