The Look Show S/S 2011

This is my official rundown of the highstreet shops at the look show and what to expect in the upcoming season! I was so so lucky to be sat RIGHT at the front! And I tried to get pictures of most of the outfits, some are blurry so sorry about that.. but here we go :)

New Look

New look have mixed it up this season, from parisienne chic in number #1 to ditsy prints in numbers #3 and #4, they've got it covered. I love the sheer shirt in number #2, paired with gorgeous shorts make a lovely little outfit for S/S. Picture #6 is very bright with a vintage twist, the collar peeking through the crotchet jumper is very unique and the trousers are a gorgeous colour which clashes perfectly with the bright shirt. The bright dress in number #5 is another staple piece which will be perfect for the summer colour lovers, and the clash of orange and bright pink shouldn't work but really does.

Favourite ensemble - Number #6.
Favourite item - That sheer shirt in picture #2 is definitely my favourite, It is on my wishlist!

Verdict - Known for being affordable, new look have hit the nail on the head with keeping with the new trends accessible but still perfect for S/S. I feel they could have been a little more adventurous, but I know they are going to be perfect for the people who just want the key trends at affordable prices.

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins loves their pastels this season, and fits perfectly into spring with the bold pieces. The mint green dress and jumpsuit surprised me, the colour would never be something I would have liked previously but works very well within their collection. The peter pan collar in #5 is a carried on trend from A/W, but updated with a bright floral print. The 'scalloped edge' is a key trend coming up in S/S, and they got it right in number #2 & #3, again using pastel colours to keep up with the S/S colours.

Favourite ensemble - #6 has all the key elements of S/S, the floppy hat, to the bright tapered trousers.
Favourite piece - has to be #1 for me, that dress is gorgeous and flows so beautifully!

Verdict - Not as dull as I expected, Dorothy Perkins uses the key trends of pastels and textures that are needed for the upcoming season and I feel a few staple pieces in this collection will be snapped up quickly!


I have to say I have never considered even shopping at uniqlo, but for me their collection stood out as the most unique. Geek chic rocked throughout, #1 being the most obvious for this, with a good mix of colours with the turquoise shirt, pastel pink cardigan and beige chinos. The camel trend has come back in #2, but updated for the season mixing it with a floral blouse and double denim working well in #3. Umbrellas were up, which reminded me that yes, it may be summer and spring but it's still the UK.. we will have rain no doubt! I loved that their was a mac in this collection at #5, as they are key in the change from winter to spring. Numbers #4 and #6 channelled the Alexa Chung vide, pretty breton top reminiscent of parisienne casual chic and the ditsy dress with the cardigan reminding me of a laid back spring look.

Favourite ensemble - The double denim at #3, I'm happy to see this as a trend coming back!
Favourite piece - The mac in #5, it's a staple!

Verdict - Geek chic all around, the Alexa Chung inspired pieces are the most unique of all the collections and are definitely a brand to watch. I love they were the only ones to include a mac, as that is a staple and so for that I salute them!


Ahh monsoon. Mixing the tribal and ethnic patterns, I can't even complain that they do pretty much the same thing for most of their S/S collections, because they do it so well. Gorgeous jumpsuits at #4 and #6, not usually my thing, but worked so well on the catwalk that its made me craving one. Number #3 had the hippy inside of me excited as I realised that tie dye is back! It's not in your face, it's muted by the camel and beige colours, but its still very exciting and worked well for the S/S collection here. Number #5 shows off a bikini in style, I actually am in love with the feather headdress and the ethnic vibe is channelled through this and that lovely little fan. The pastel grecian style dress in #2 is bang on trend with the palette and the design.. pleats are definitely in this season!

Favourite ensemble - Both jumpsuits in #4 and #6 ensembles are my favourite, the mix of ethnic prints and a bold blue with gold jewellery is perfect!
Favourite piece - That maxi dress with the flower belt at #1, perfect statement for summer.

Verdict - Tribal and ethnic prints, everything is stunning. I didn't expect anything less from them of course and although it's pretty much the same as everything they've done, they have done it oh so well. Thumbs up!


M&S for me were always a little too mature for me, I'm 18 and so they are great for maybe 30+ in my eyes, but never really pushed through with a younger audience.
That being said, the pieces they have shown for S/S work well for both, a mature and younger consumer. Number #2 reminds me of an Alexa Chung style, bringing the trend of sheer shirts and camel into one. The swimsuit in #1 was definitely more mature in my eyes, same with the dress in #3, but the prints were still versatile and could definitely work well with the younger folk. I loved the denim dress in #5 and the bikini with tapered trousers in number #4, not just bang on trend but very different from what I expected from M&S, so was a lovely surprise to see such a a change on the catwalk. I literally love the dress in number #6, on a hanger not so much, but the way it has been styled on the catwalk with the chunky gold necklace makes me want it so so bad.

Favourite ensemble - #4, it works well together and the necklace brings in the tribal trend.
Favourite piece - the dress in number #6!

Verdict - Mature piece but work well for the S/S, I love that they have been alot braver in this collection and that if I looked at this collection without knowing the brand, I would never in a million years guess it was M&S. Definitely a strong collection.


H&M is all about brights this season, bringing it in the form of #1, the colour block tee with the pleated bright skirt is perfect for the S/S trends. The outfit in number #4 channels vintage yet again, the blazer with tapered trousers should really be something that is for an older person, but it works really well put together and with a pair of lovely dark heels it channels everything about spring. That dress in number #6 is gorgeous, and as it came down the catwalk I was in absolute awe.

Favourite ensemble - Number #1, perfect brights and pleated skirt make it bang on trend.
Favourite piece - That gorgeous dress in number #6!

Verdict - For me this collection from H&M was abit.. meh, I love H&M but wish they'd push the boat out. They used alot of brights but failed to experiment with all the other trends that are shouting out this S/S. That being said, that dress is one of my favourites out of every single collection, so I can't complain!


I love the worker chic vibe coming from number #1 and #2, the oversized blazer and sunnies channel yet another vintage outfit, and the sheer shirt make mango a collection that is up to date with the S/S trends! Polka dots all around in number #3 and #5, in the form of gorgeous dresses, a staple for any wardrobe and something different from the other collections at the show. The gorgeous pleated dress in number #4 channels grecian goddess, and is made a more S/S piece with a splash of colour, in a gorgeous pink. The ensemble at number #6 is one of the more unique pieces in this collection, layering of shirts and jumpers and the paperbag shorts make it an eclectic mix of different textures and colours.

Favourite ensemble - Number #6
Favourite piece - The dress in number #4, I am in love!

Verdict - Never really been a lover of mango, but there is a huge variety with these outfits and gorgeous pieces that make it work for the upcoming season.


Next are probably the people that shocked me the most. I have never really liked next, I found them quite boring and like M&S, never pushed through to get to a younger audience. I feel like this collection is very unique to the others, the perfect mix of dusky pinks in number #1 and brights in number #2 gives it a huge variety aswell as a younger appeal. Number #6 has the scallop edge worked into he blouse, perfect to that key trend but also in a camel colour - perfect for the spring palette. Number 4 is very unique and has that vintage touch, something that works so well together and has the bright trend with the orange shirt, and the vintage necktie.. bringing two trends into one. The ethnic dress in number #5 has a tie dye feel to it, with a gorgeous pattern finished off with some wooden bangles, it has taken a leap out of monsoons book and gone all out for the tribal theme. The ensemble in number #3 is one of my favourites, vintage chic in the form of a cute little playsuit, bow belt and straw bag, its one of the more unique pieces from all the collections and appeals to me for having that vintage edge to it.

Favourite ensemble - Number #3
Favourite piece - The scallop detailed blouse, works perfectly with pretty much anything!

Verdict - Definitely the shocker of the lot for me, I actually love each piece from this collection and think next have definitely got it right in how they styled it, to the pieces they have actually done for S/S. Not many of the collections have done play suits which is a shame as they are a staple for summer in my eyes, but the one from next is on my wishlist for sure!


One of the unique there, warehouse went all out on this eclectic collection. I adore number #3,the whole outfit works so well together with a bright top keeping with the S/S trends, and leather shorts to add that bit of an edge. The dress in number #4 is perfect in every way possible, bright colours and an ethnic theme make it perfect, and a maxi length to boot. If I could pull it off I would snap it up, unfortunately being as short as I am I think I better leave it for the professionals! Number #2 doesn't scream out S/S to me, but it's definitely something that works well for the season. The floppy hat and chunky belt make this outfit modern and trendy, and the printed skirt makes it very young. The jumpsuit in number #1 makes this collection what it is, it's so unique and bright that it makes my eyes hurt a little. Although maybe not the most versatile thing, it;s one of the best in the collection.

Favourite ensemble - Number #3, I love everything about it!
Favourite piece - That jumpsuit in number #1, you wouldn't be able to sit anywhere in fear of staining it, but it's incredible to look at!

Verdict - This collection is the 'luxe' collection, so doesn't come as a surprise that they aren't really the most versatile pieces compared to say new look, but they are still pieces that are key for S/S, keeping in with the trends and if you are more of an 'out there' person in your sense of style, this collection appeals the most. It's not afraid to go there, and I have to give warehouse props for that!

River Island

As many bloggers have noted, river island has become bigger and better in the past year, pushing away from the stereotypes of being a little common and overpriced in their clothing, to a more vintage and elegant feel. This collection shows just that side of river island we love, The polka dot jumpsuit at number #6 is one of those things that is just perfect for S/S, and worked well with a rust coloured blazer, a key colour for S/S, it's a great ensemble overall. The dress in number #3 is a lovely vintage print, tied in with a red vintage scarf and red clutch, it mixes it up a little and keeps that vintage feel but with a twist. Number #2 uses the crotchet trend in dress form, very laid back and oversized for the S/S. Brights are shown in number #1, in a really unique way i comparison to some of the other collections, which I think works really well. I don't even need to explain how much I am in love with the miu miu inspired trousers in number #4, the off the shoulder tee makes this work so lust worthy, and I cannot fault the outfit in anyway.

Favourite ensemble - Number #1
Favourite piece - Those swallow trousers at number #4, yumyumyumyum!

Verdict - Perfect and my favourite collection, although next comes a close second, but the swallow print trousers just clinch it for me. River island you have done it again and I am genuinely so excited to have a sneaky purchase of a few of these gems!

French Connection

I'm actually quite impressed with this collection, they have kept on the scallop trend with dress #1, I love the cream colour and the shift design. The camel coloured leather skit in number #4 is actually gorgeous, and one of my other faavourite pieces of this collection, The sheer shirt trend is again present in this ensemble and the layered gold necklace brings it all together. The bright top in number #5 teamed with muted shorts lends itself perfectly to S/S, I love the tribal inspired clutch too, it adds a little edge to the whole outfit. The dress in number #6 is yes.. my FAVOURITE PIECE OF ALL THE COLLECTIONS! Oh my god, when it came down the catwalk I nearly died, I love everything. The coloured, the way it moves, the pleats, it's totally grecian goddess and it doesn't even need any accessories, it's so perfect on it's own.

Favourite ensemble - Number #4
Favourite piece - Number #6, I WANT ITTT!

Verdict - A lovely collection, made even better with that dress in number #6, I feel that the whole collection has variety and flair. Although it seems quite mature, I love the mix of textures and shapes.

I hope you have enjoyed this lengthy rundown, it took me so so long to write this and edit and crop the pictures, but the look show was great to get to see the upcoming trends and the variety of what is on offer. Each high street store offers something different which I love, from the lovers of geek chic to the ones who just want affordable key trends, it has everything.
Thankyou so much to the look magazine people for picking me to blog for them, it was such an experience and made me want to go into fashion journalism even more as writing this was tiring but so enjoyable. And thankyou to Lara for organising everything and keeping me and the other finalists up to date with everything, it was organised wonderfully and I had such a fabulous time.

Let me know which have been the pieces YOU have been lusting after and who's collection is your favourite!
Please note: All the pictures were taken by me so please do not use without my permission. Thankyou!


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