#024 Share Sunday

1. Today I have just finished my first weekend back at work, and more than anything I'm just shattered. I did a 9 hour shift on saturday and a 6 hour shift today and I'm genuinely just so so tired. I'm so happy to be back at work and everything but I forgot just how much work is involved, how I am on my feet literally alllll day (in heels!) and how busy meadowhall gets. I am thankful and I don't want to seem like I'm complaining, I'm well aware some people do way more than this, but just feel so tired right now. I think I'll be better next week.

2. I'm back at sixth form tomorrow and unprepared as ever! I said I'd get more outfit posts done over half term which I didn't -slaps wrists- I think I've just been relaxing and taking it easy.. cause starting tomorrow I will never have a day off. 5 days a week at sixth form and the remaining weekend at work. Safe to say I'm not going to have much time, but I will always try and update the blog. It is a huuuge priority to me so don't worry!

3. I wanted to get alot of stuff sorted for my shop aswell, which hasn't happened. I'm not sure I properly mentioned but I'm starting an actual shop, not a blog shop, where I make clothes and jewellery and rework vintage stuff, but I'm just getting behind with planning. Hopefully it will be sorted!

4. I'm hoping to go to a carboot next week before work.. now keep in mind I start work at 10:30am on a sunday, I will need to finish by 9:30am to get to work on time.. so I think it will be a 6:30am start? Sounds about right. Not looking forward to it but I want to go to a carboot, I'm SO determined!

5. Thankyou so much for the feedback to the Look Show posts.. Check out Laras post HERE and let her know who YOUR favourite look show posts were! It doesn't completely effect the outcome of the overall winner (announced tomorrow!!) but it is nice for them to see who you like.. so it would be nice if you liked mine the best to let her know, but of course you don't have to and if you liked someone else better than thats just fine :) Cause everyones entries were fantastic. But yeah, if you want to you can have your say :)

6. I am now officially, www.iheartvintagex.com ! I bought my domain name :) If you want to click follow me, you can only do it when you enter that address and not the blogspot one because it doesn't work for some reason!


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