#022 Share Sunday

1. Sorry I haven't done OOTD's like I promised, I wore pretty much leggings and tees this week to sixth form, I've been sleeping really badly and so I wake up late and have 10 minutes to get ready.. not good. Promise next week I will try, but I'm going to be quite busy..

2. Remember I mentioned all that stuff about my job and how they weren't getting back to me? Thursday I had the worst day and was so fed up I said I would ring that day and if I heard nothing I was gonna give up.. but I recieved a text off the manager saying its good news and so I rung him and I've got a permament part time position! It's not 100% official as I need to do all my paperwork etc, but it will be 15 hours a week and because I am now 18 it goes from £3.69 an hour to £4.50. Yes, I worked £3.69 an hour for my christmas temp job, it was horrible! I am so so happy though, I missed everyone there and now I have a proper job so I can add more for my gap year funds. Only sad thing is that its weekends and so I have a 11am start on a sunday.. not sure how I will be able to carboot with this! I may have to start waking up at like 5:30am ahaha which I'm not looking forward to :/

3. You may have heard Look magazine were running a competition that bloggers could enter to be one of five finalists to get to sit front row at their look fashion show (the amazing Lily won last year!). All you had to do was send them a link to your blog so I just thought hey why not, and I totally forgot about it.. until I logged onto twitter friday and saw lots of my followers congratulating me on becoming one of the finalists! It was the most bizarre thing, so I checked my emails and there it was. I'm still in shock as SO many amazing bloggers entered, and I only entered on a whim around 3 days before they were to pick their top 5, so I am genuinely so shocked and very happy and all the emotions you can possibly feel about something like that. At the look show they will pick a winner out of the top 5, but I already feel like I've won.. I mean I get to go to LONDON and stay overnight and watch a fashion show for free. I literally am the happiest person in the world. Check ut the other amazing finalists here, here, here and here xx

4. So after all that I've literally just had the best ever week of my life. I've got a job and found out I won a contest that I had completely forgotten about! So friday I went out and celebrated at propaganda where Greg James (love him so so much!) was DJing. Suffice to say I got a little too drunk and had to leave early.. but hey! I was celebrating.. it's allowed ;)

5. Lily has already mentioned it (and mentioned me and therefore given me a surge of followers, thanks Lily!) But I'm going to this blogger meetup in sheffield, and so many incredible bloggers are going that I am so so so excited to meet! Check it out if it sounds like your cup of tea :) And I would love to meet you guys, so if you are able to come just let Lauren know and she can send you details etc! It's at the end of march so you have a while to plan things etc :)

6. Tomorrow my teachers aren't at sixth form therefore I get the day off for valentines, just a shame I'm single really haha! Well, I'm going for a starbucks with one of my lovely friends Alicia then going out in the nighttime. I'm going to have a good old single valentines day :)

7. I forgot to mention style clone recreated one of my looks ages ago and I thought they did a really wonderful job, here is the link.

I've had the craziest week, and thankyou for being so patient (and hello to all my new followers!)


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