#07 Wednesday Wishes : Look show special

This is a special wishes post, I've decided to combine the things I loved in particular at the show and what I would wear them with. All these things were in the look show.

This dress is amazing. If it wasn't so expensive it would for sure be my prom dress, *sigh* and I could never justify spending that amount on something I'd wear once (or you know.. twice.. it could definitely be my wedding dress hahaha)

These shoes aren't in any of my pictures but it was on one of the outfits from Dorothy perkins, and they're very *me*. The colour is so beautiful and the flower detailing, makes me so excited for the colours coming up in spring!

This necklace is just really lovely, I saw it on one of the jumpsuits ensembles from monsoon and loved how it was very simple and beautiful.

So I know that this hats red sash doesn't really go, but I figured that you can't really see the shoes with this dress and I cheated a little cause there were surprisingly not many floppy summer hats in the show, and the only other one was a Dorohy Perkins one that is only available instore and therefore couldn't get a picture of.. so you get what I mean. This was featured on one of the outfits but I cut off her head I think, haha.

Hope you enjoyed this, I am not trying to shove the Look show down your throats, I promise! That last one will be up tomorrow and thats it, I just thought I'd do this wednesday wishes a little different from normal.

What have YOU been lusting after from the Look show? (all available links on the website HERE!)


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