#04 Wednesday Wishes

Sorry it's so late, just got back from black swan at 11:30pm and realised it's a wednesday, arghh!

I really wanted a tab blouse from topshop, but new look have some for almost much half the price! They ran out of stock but I got this blouse for a cheeky £10 off ebay, so it's not really a wednesday 'wish', but It's still something I've been lusting after!

I have lots of crappy primark umbrellas and have been wanting a lulu guiness birdcage umbrella for ages, but at the price I'm not sure I could justify it! Still gorgeous and vintage esque though :)

The claw ring from topshop is so statement and reminds me of the arty YSL ring because of the colouring.. *sigh* wish I could justify a ring, but with my huge collection it just isn't happening!

Lets not lie, I would probably never even wear these shoes, but aren't they the cutest?

Sorry it's a quickie, outfit post tomorrow with some new itemss :)
You been after anything special this week?


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