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As bloggers I think we tend to strive for perfection on our blogs, and I hate hate hate when the lighting is pants and my photos don't turn out quite as 'crisp' as I would like them. But then I have to remember that overthinking things is a little silly, and that without its imperfections here and there (so many things need to be updated on this blog its insane!) then I don't think it would be very me. I'm not a perfectionist, although I try to be I'm naturally quite blahsay about it all.

Anyway Here is what I wore to watch Black swan with my friend Ceri yesterday.

Sorry you can't actually see what I'm wearing under my coat these were quiccccck shots and I wasn't really in the mood. I wore a flannel shirt with my new levis, and then -
Fake fur coat, new look - £30
Vintage ankle boots, ebay - £30
Chiltern-esque satchel, carboot - 50p
Heart ring, sisters
Domino ring - HERE

The film itself.. I'm no film critic but I'm very hard to please film wise and have never been as blown away by a film in my life. It's confusing and exciting and I definitely came out the cinema thinking 'wtf?!'. I recommend it (just like a million other bloggers have already done so) thoroughly. It exceeds the hype!

I wore one of my new ebay purchases too which you can't actually see, but I promise I wore it -

I remember seeing this necklace on one of my favourite charity shop blogs ever, Emma was getting rid of a few things and after genuinely lusting after this necklace for ages I got it for a lovely £7 and couldn't be happier. Blah Blah I know I have too many necklaces but you know.. I've wanted it for so long!

Sorry for such a quick and not very 'done up' post, I'm having a busy weekend,going out friday and then saturday for my sisters 24th! So sorry If I don't really have a proper update. I have so many new purchases to show you though, eee! (thank god for unexpected payslips!)


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