Rock & Rose

Topshop lace skater dress, ebay - £30
Leather jacket - vintage
Crown & Glory headband
Belt, primark - £1
Suede wedges, ebay - £17.99

The lovely Sophie sent out this incredible beauty and as soon as I saw her mention the word 'rock' I knew exactly how I would style it. I've gone for a sort of mix of girly vintage with an edge, the wedges are what I mentioned in my previous post and as you can see the wedge isn't too high and they are actually rather comfortable (most people don't belive me but I guess I find most heels comfy!) They are also rather scruffy cause they are my 'going out shoes' haha, probably should have cleaned 'em up abit before these photos.

It's handmade and can be worn as a collar too, but I can't get over how amazing it looks in my hair, and it totally makes this outfit what it is! I don't want to preach to you all about where you should shop etc, but I love companies like crown & glory, she clearly loves what she does and takes time making handmade beautiful hair pieces, and I know that I'd rather own something that has been made with love and is unique than a million primark headbands that everyone owns. So take a peek at her other things if it's up your street, she does little hair clips and allsorts too :) I figure they are going to be a big hit when summer comes around and I'm tempted to buy all the flower based hairbands in her shop, they are ridiculously beautiful!

So I'm off to the look show in London tomorrow, and have even given myself time to see my gorgeous friend Hannah from London Rose, and I can't wait cause I've not seen her in ages! I'm going to spend time with my sister whos coming with me to the look show too, so all in all I'm reaaalllyyyy excited! If any of you are going, make sure you say hi if you see me and I will be wearing my staple vintage headscarf (of course!) and a camel coloured coat with my polka dot skirt :) I'll make sure I take lots and lots of snaps and what not and keep you up to date with all the lovely things going on in the day via twitter. I'll also have a huge blogpost afterwards about what went on etc so yeah, I'm so excited! :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, I promised an OOTD and just sorry I've been lacking in them! And also I don't know why my legs look so pale on all these photos, I'm definitely hoping summer comes quickly as I could so with a bit of a tan haha.
Speak to you all on sunday!


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