#05 Wednesday Wishes

1. Valentines is around the corner and yes I am single and no, I couldn't care less. I want to treat myself so most of these items on the list will probably be a reality haha. Anyway, I remember abit back when bags like this were everywhere, and I've recently started to love them again. I want one to wear on valentines day, as I plan on drinking my single sorrows away haha no but seriously, I want a heart bag, they're so effing cute.

2. I want a nice red lipstick and I only own two, and I think this topshop one is quite nice, and others that have popped up around the bloggersphere. I may just invest in a MAC one though, it's only a bit more expensive and you know, it's MAC.

3. I don't wear pumps alot, I do but I try not to spend alot on them as I have so many and at any chance I get I wear heels (5 ft still and counting!) but these Marina pumps are ridiculously cute, and with a vintage playsuit in summer I can see it being a staple. Oh wow, talks of summer clothes already!

4. Ahh, THESE TIGHTS. They're everywhere, have been everywhere and I wasn't even bothered at first. I like the idea but hey, I didn't really want to get strange looks off people for wearing them. That being said, I reckon they'd look nice on a night out, worn nicely not trashily, and I'm trying to be more adventurous this year. It's always nice to shake things up aswell, and these tights pretty much make an outfit what it is!

I have a case of the 'bad blogger' syndrome at the moment, so I'm sorry, been very lazy and lacking any kind of inspiration. I've had alot of extra followers recently too, so sorry you're following me at such a 'meh' time on the blog. It will get better!

What have you been lusting after this week?

OH and P.s.! I'm selling SO MANY things on my ebay as so much stuff doesnt fit or I never wear, wouldn't usually bang on about it but got some genuinely nice things (that I'm upset to be selling) so take a peek HERE :)


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