#021 Share Sunday

1. Had a busy weekend! Went out for my sisters 24th birthday last night and it was this reggae night thing.. not particularly my 'scene' but it was lovely and went on till 8am .. :| I stayed till 3am as I'm not particularly a party person, but my sister had a nice time and thats what counts. I wore my new blouse and shorts and my hair above looks a state because it was raining and being windy like a bitch. I was also frozen the whole night. But still. Good night :)

2. Still getting stressed about work not getting back to me on vacancies as even if they have none they should let me know, so I'm gonna ring em sometime next week. I feel like I need a job, not just for money but because right now I feel so useless not doing anything productive with all this spare time!

3. Been on a spending splurge so ofc there are lots of things to show you, but I'll spread them out.

4. There is something special I recieved in the post that I will blog about tomorrow or tues, it's exciting!

5. Sorry I've been slacking, laziness and illness is the reason. I'll be better next week, promise :)


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