If you're a bird, im a bird

I bought a new playsuit recently that I've literally been after for ages. It fits very strangely, it's a size 8 but is constantly coming down at the front exposing my bra, which isn't exactly what I'm wanting to show in my everyday life quite frankly *sigh* but it's loverrrly. It's a topshop ruched jersey playsuit from ages ago, and so finding it on ebay was a treat.

Topshop playsuit, ebay - £22
Burdgunday Cardigan, carboot - £1
Belt, primark - £1

I didn't get very many pictures as the weather was pants, raining and I didn't really wanna spend my whole day taking pictures but the nice 'changing room' shot will have to do!, in H&M of all places!
Spent my valentines with my friend alicia shopping and then going out for a friends birthday. Feel a little fragile today nonetheless haha but very happy happy. Cannot wait for the look show friday to meet other amazing bloggers and have a good old look at the fashion show.

Thankyou so much fro your congrats on the job and contest, it made me smile so much just how incredibly supportive you all are and I can't thank you enough .. haha cheesy but so true :)
Will try get a nice OOTD up before I jet off to London friday, I still need to show you something that I got in the post from crown and glory, I've just had a hectic time recently so I've not got round to it yet, sorry!
Hope you had a wonderful valentines, single or taken!


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