#023 Share Sunday

1. These are the photos that my sister and I took in the photobooth at the look show, new look offered hats and sunnies to wear and as you can see I chose a huge floppy hat and white ray ban esque sunnies. I look so summery!

2. So you all probably know I went to the look show on saturday, and It was all pretty crazy really. I had such a lovely time and there will be two posts on it, first being my view on the whole collections and the second on my whole time in London.

3. I met lots of wonderful bloggers - Lily, Michelle, Victoria, Laura & other blogger finalists Sara, Nneoma, Maffionista and Amelia. I am a little miffed I didn't stay and chat and take pictures with them or anything for very long, I was actually late to the show due to late tubes and check ins and I'm just a late person in general (woops) so I was pretty rushed off my feet! But it was so lovely to meet you all and surreal to actually speak to the faces behind your wonderful blogs! (and sorry if I missed anyone out!)

4. I'm pretty tired from my amazing weekend, and I came home to three lovely ebay packages with a new dress, playsuit and leather shorts! It was a nice surprise and I'm now going to go off and have a nice takeaway and an early night. Speak to you all tomorrowww :)


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