#06 Wednesday Wishes

1. I'm not just wanting this floral topshop bralet, but I'm really loving all bralets in general at the moment. I think they would look so nice with high waist leather shorts or underneath a sheer shirt, and after losing weight I feel like I may be brave enough to pull one off. Well too late as I've gotten two off ebay recently, so I'll let you know (or show you!) how it goes!

2. I've been cheeky again and these velvet topshop knickers have actually been bought by me already, but I've been lusting after them for months, so when they cropped up on ebay I just couldn't resist. I don't think I'm brave enough (or have the legs for) wearing them without tights however, but would look nice with a nice bralet like above!

3. I am such a tea drinker and I already have a poster of the keep calm and carry on image, but I'd love to expand my mug collection and get some quirky ones, and this is a must in a vintage lovers house like myself!

4. Again, cheek cheeky me. I wanted some fairly low wedges for nights out as I am actually quite good in heels but obviously the lower the better. These along with my asos randal wedges are now a staple for a night out as they are so so so so easy to walk it compared to heels or higher wedges. And they are just a cheapo brand off ebay, but for the price I think they're quite lovely! (although are knackered already, but I've worn them on a few drunken nights out, so I'm to blame, not the shoes!)

I found out today I am currently number 5 on the 'up and coming blogs' page of bloglovin'! I have an account but never go on it, so I hadn't written the title so there was literally just the link rather than the name, so I didn't notice for ages whilst looking at the 'popular' blogs section earlier. I cannot believe I'm number 5 overall and number 3 in the 'fashion' category.. It feels like such a big deal to me because there are loads of up and coming bloggers on the list that are incredible, and I've not alot of followers on bloglovin' in comparison to them, so really I'm so happy. I feel like the blog is definitely getting alot more attention at the moment and I am so thankful you guys are being so supportive (another cheesy thankyou) I feel like I should be accepting a speech or something haha.

I'm PROMISING, genuinely promising a outfit post tomorrow before I go to London for the Look fashion show (if you are coming, tweet me and let me know, I am very active on twitter and always try to reply!) So looking forward to that. And what have YOU been lusting after this week? :)


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