The super duper vintage carboot haul

And the reason it is so super duper is that all of it is up for sale NOW on my ebay. Unfortunately as much as I love each and every piece I got.. I just can't afford to keep them. Money is tight and I'm still saving for my gap year (which is going very well btw!) :) I'm starting them all off at 99p and I will combine postage and all that malarky if you buy more than one thing.

80's style velvet cardigan - 50p

Aviator camel coat - £3 ..I love it so much. Such a shame to be selling, but it has to be done!

Sleeveless cricket vest top - £1

Nautical navy fitted blazer - 20p

Fairisle snowflake jumper - £1. It took me ages to decide whether or not to sell this badboy, but I just can't afford to keep it. It's great just cause most of these fairisle jumpers cost loads or are too oversized, this ones quite fitted!

Nuce/cream blazer coat - £2

Camel suede blouse shirt - 50p. I really really can't believe I'm selling this one but I have a camel coloured blouse x 2 already!

Large tapestry holdall - £2

Floral tapestry makeup box - £1.50

So yeah, get bidding.. because they are genuinely lovely vintage pieces that are really great for A/W in my opinion and what I would be keeping if I could afford to! Hope I styled them okay with the scarves and boots (and new satchel I will show you in another post!) just wanted to show you how I'd personally wear them to give you an idea. I did keep like, 2 or 3 things for myself that I've wanted for ages so I'll get round to showing you those later. Good luck bidding!


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