How to wear: Leopard print coats

This is going to be a new feature, and I think it's about time I have a thorough post on how I would wear things, what I'm influenced by and where to get cheap versions! I hope you enjoy the 'how to wear' series, and let me know what you think. First up:

How to wear leopard print coats
I'm not going to lie, I've never been a fan. I'm not sure why, but I feel like I'm not a tall leggy blonde that could pull off a leopard print coat, but I still admire the girls who do. I am also against fur in fashion, so the I would only ever buy a faux fur coat!

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Celebrities who wore it:

Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Fearne Cotton, Mischa Barton, Ashley Olsen, Lily Allen.

- Like Alexa and Kate, teaming the coat with a dark dress in the evening can glam up any outfit, but add that vintage edge to a somewhat boring ensemble
- Mary Kates lipstick is not just bang on trend for A/W, but looks perfect with a leopard print coat, probably my favourite thing to team with one! She also gets extra points for the black bowler hat.. another A/W trend that looks amazing teamed altogether!!
- Mischa braves bright coloured tights with hers, something I would never have thought looked so good, but actually looks lovely! I would say bright red tights and red lips would look uh-mazing together, but stay away from patterened tights with this look, there will be too much going on.

Lookbookers that wore it:


-Over the knee socks look amazing with a thick leopard print coat in winter. A pretty feminine dress breaks away the oversized look of the coat and makes it less bulky looking.
- Trousers and a white tee is so simple, yet looks perfect with a leopard print coat slung on the top for the casual look. Wearing black trousers gives the same effect of wearing black tights, it really adds emphasise to the coat.
- Hooded leopard print coats not only look amazing but they are amazing for winter, it is practical yet stylish.

The high streets -

TopshopLipsyNextVeryNew LookMotelRocks

The ebays -


Overall? I quite like the look and especially as it's getting colder, I may purchase one of these badboys (on the cheaper end of the spectrum may I add) but obviously I'm not sure yet.
How have you liked this post? I really want to start talking about hot and current fashion styles alot more, so hopefully these will be like a main feature on blog. I wanted it to be one of the easy posts that don't take me alot of time, but it actually took me forever getting the links, images and finding good items! But I'll do it on days where doing an ootd is not possibly (bad weather/hairdays)

My favourites have to be ebay item number 4 and new looks fur coat, they are probably the cheapest I have seen too :)
Please let me know what you think! :) And what do YOU think about this fashion trend? Yay or Nay?


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