003 Share Sunday.

Listening to: Just the way you are - Bruno Mars
Reading: The Time Travllers Wife - Audrey Niffnegger
Watching: X factor (It's absolutely shocking)

1. I got back from London on friday and was completely shattered. I had a wondeful couple of days, and a huge thankyou to Hannah for letting me stay at her house. Posts will be up shortly.

2. The vest I am wearing on the picture says 'Canada' on it and was a present from my aunt who just came back from there recently. It's very comfy!

3. I've got a middle parting on the picture.. not really sure what I think? I've had a fringe since I was 15 and not having one is bizarre, but the middle parting trend is so pretty! I'll probably experiment with it.

4. Sorry for lack of posts, in between London, finishing up homework and looking for a job I've been mega busy. I'm really struggling to find a job as there are literally no vacancies around! New post will be up tuesday :)


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