007 Share Sunday

1. This was my face yesterday for halloween.. I was a cat. I wore a velvet dress with homemade ears and a tail. The makeup was my favourite to do! My halloween was alright, but it's definitely not my favourite time of year.

2. And sorry it's late, I had alot of essays to get done etc. I'm sad to say it's the end of my half term and I'm back at sixth form, and I didn't really make the most out of my week off.. sad really!

3. My gap year stuff is going good, I'm still trying to set my gap year blog up so I can keep you posted, but theres alot of things I have changed in my gap year (including the destination!) but I'll let you know when everything is set in stone :)

4. I've also got money worries at the moment, like most people in this economic climate really. I haven't started my job yet, but when I get going and have money it will sort itself out. But my gap year saving is meaning I have no money for.. anything really. Hopoefully the job will make it easier, especially as christmas is just round the corner!

5. Remember to enter my vintage contest in the post below!



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