005 Share Sunday

Listening to - Pack Up - Eliza Doolittle
Reading - The Great Gatsby - F.Scott Fitzgerald

1. Oh my goddd I hate photobucket so so much. Basically, I have my settings to bill me automatically with photobucket for the pro account, but it decided not to do it this month and then when I clicked it manually it said I should be billed automatically. Which left me stuck with an ugly blog. It's all fixed now, but it took it's time! Bleugh

2. On a better note I had a job interview on Thursday which I was extreeeemely nervous about! It's for a christmas temp position in a shop and they prettyy much told me I got it and that they may want me on a permanent basis.. woo! I'm still not too excited because they incinuated I'd got it but It's not been confirmed, so still, fingers crossed! But I'm very exccited to have a proper job, and it is the kind of job where I will have to dress in smart attire everyday, like office work wear.. haha! I'm excited to get my fashion incorporated into my work clothes but also worried I'll look like a 30 year old woman everyday. I wil tell you where it is at (if you don't already know via twitter) if I actually for sure get it!

3. I had a little splurge (for me, anyway) at Matalan today and will blog about it asap as it is incredible the jewellery I got. I also had a little carboot trip but we set off at 9am and there weren't many stalls so I didn't get loads but I got a few lovely little bits and bobs. On top of that, I had a minor splurge at Primark on friday and saturday (good grief) so I'm all spent out. But theres lots to show you!

4. It's pretty ridiculous how much I've promised a giveaway and not done it, but it will get done eventually! The beauty post is now being made into an October beauty post cause I have some more things I wanna mention and I've used them in October :)

5. I have discovered the amazingness which is De-caff tea. It may sound odd, but I have around 5+ cups of tea a day (This is no exaggeration ladies and gents) and I always ended up having them around 8pm, meaning I had trouble sleeping.. obviously. But now with my de-caf, I have been sleeping so much better and it tastes exactly the same. I know this is a fashion blog and tea is irrelevant but seriously, it's changed my life.. seriously!


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