I love matalan

I've always thought Matalan was a little bit of a gem. It has some lovely things hidden in store, including this A/W's most coveted aviator jacket for only £35. It sold out everywhere and I had one in my local store, but I'm actually not a huge enough fan of the style to buy it if I'm honest, but I did nip into matalan with my sister on sunday because I have one down the road from me. I found the most amazing things in the whole world.

I'm definitely a jewellery person, and with 70% off selected jewellery at Matalan I was scouring the shelves to find thinsg I loved, it wasn't difficult. There is also a little notice showing you what 70% of £1, £2 etc is, because you know.. I ain't that good at fast math. Here we go -Deep breath-

Birds nest swallow ring: was £5, now £1.50

Butterfly floral ring: was £4, now £1.20

Swan ring: was £4, now £1.20

Scissor pendant necklace: was £6, now £1.80

Humminbird clock necklace - was £7, now £2.10

Hand mirror and bow pendant necklace: was £6, now £1.80

This ring wasn't on sale, but at £6 I HAD to have it. It's a dead ringer for the Alexander Mcqueen Skull ring wth the bow on, and the only place I've seen rings like this that I love are in topshop, at £15 a pop! It's my new staple!

So as far as the sale items go, the RRP of them all is £32 and I only spent £10.95. I couldn't believe the amount they all came to, and at how cheap they were priced! It's basically primark pricing, but the pros of Matalan is that: Not EVERYONE owns the jewellery and they are better quality!
Obviously I'm not sure what your store will be like, but I do recommend going and looking NOWWWW. And if you are not lucky enough to grab some.. I am giving away two of the above items as a christmas blog giveaway (because I wanted you to get in on the bargain!) and I will keep it a surprise as to which ones I bought an extra pair of :)

Sorry the pictures aren't too good it was getting dark when I took the pictures and I just wanted to show you what I got! Next posts are the giveaway and something about the oh so wonderful Aussie. Until next time beeeauties!


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