700 followers - vintage giveaway!

Hello you amazing people, I can't believe I have hit 700 followers, especially when this belated giveaway was menna be a 600 follower one.. woops. But I just want to say thankyou so so much. Blogging is one of those things that so many people across the bloggersphere put alot of effort into, me included, and it is so worthwhile to think one or two people enjoy it, let alone 700! So thankyou very much, it does mean alot that people take an interest in my blog.

Anyway, onto the giveaway. It's only a smallish prize. I found it at a jumble sale back in August or something for £2.00 and thought it's perfect for a vintage giveaway, and has been sat on my shelf waiting to be put on the blog!

Up for grabs we have a beautiful blue cameo necklace with a gold chain and orangey/red beads, with matching earrings, in a little blue box :) The pictures aren't that great, sorry, I rushed it. But believe me that this prize is very dainty and beautiful!
Please remember that these items are vintage, and as far as I can tell they are unused or have been hardly used. The earrings are CLIP ONS, not for pierced ears, so even people without pierced ears can enter.

The rules, (as always!) -
1. One post per person.
2. It is International
3. You have to be a follower >> To do that, CLICK HERE
4. If you Tweet or post this on your blog (in the sidebar is absolutely fine!) then you get an extra entry.
5. Say 'Enter me' on this post and then let me know if you retweet with a link to your twitter or blog so I can count you as an extra entry.

END DATE: 6TH NOVEMBER 2010 - contest finished!

Honestly it isn't some flash giveaway, it's just something I think the vintage lovers of this blog will enjoy, I always find little gems like this at bootsales and jumble sales, and I want to share it with you guys. So please only enter if you genuinely like the prize, because I want this to go to someone who will really appreciate it, but I'm sure most fo you will do that anyway :)

Thanks again so so much and I'm sorry for not posting as often as I should, I'm trying to get my real life sorted so my blog life won't be as hectic.
Lots and lots of love guys :)


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