004 Share Sunday

Listening to: Written in the stars - Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner
Reading: Last bit of Wuthering Heights / The Handmaids Tale.
Watching: The inbetweeners

1. The photo is me on friday. I woke up late for sixth form, giving me a lovely hour to get ready, rather than a quick 20 minutes. It was heaven, and is why I look more freshfaced than usual!

2. I've almost finished cleaning my room, and I've been at it for a month because I'm a pack rat, and have had to have a PROPER and thorough clean out of clutter, not just shoving things in boxes etc. When I'm finished I'll be adding all my vintage pieces I've picked up at carboots etc and a carpet, which is something I am in desperate need of right now! Oh and yes you can see mess in the background because that is me cleaning out the contents under the boxes under my bed.. ouch. I keep waaayyyyyy too much crap

3. I'm feeling quite uninspired clothes wise, I get like this at least 3-4 times a month where I feel like I have no nice clothes and nothing looks right, blah blah blah. Anywho, I'm having a complete, and that is COMPLETE clearout of my items and I MAY do it via a blogsale. Most of it is pretty little vintage things, which I think most of my readers would love to get their hands on anyway.

4. I keep postponing this giveaway because I literally have just had other posts lined up.. I hardly ever have this scenario! It will be up I really promise, I just have to fit it into my blog schedule.

5. NOTICED THE LAYOUT? It's not even a big change but I've updated to the new layouts and that means I now have an 'older posts' option and the pages under my header WORK. Yes folks, they WORK. Some pages are still underconstruction (I know, anti climax or what) but the links page is well under way and I would LOVE to pop you on there. Just comment on this post or email me, and keep bugging me if I don't get round to it because I am one of those people that needs constant reminders get jobs done! But it is all going to get done and things will be a little messy on the blog, I'm sorry. But I'm quite proud of myself for getting round to the blog thing.. I think my number one question on the blog was 'WHERE IS YOUR OLDER POSTS LINK?' Well, now you can look through all my older crappy posts at your own .. delight? haha

6. I'm getting more and more depressed at the idea that carboots will be stopping shortly (R.I.P).. and of how my number one source of income for my gap year will soon be gone. It is just for the winter months however, and there is still one smaller carboot destination that runs, but it won't be the same. *sigh*

7. Speaking of carboots, I've just bought a huge bundle of things today and I will post about them tomorrow or tues, depending on how much time I have! But there are alot of beautiful things and lots of things I have had to put on with a heavy heart, as I really wanted to keep them. Alas, the gap year funding sacrifices continue!

8. I have a beauty post coming up soon, which will be based around what I have been wearing/loving in September.. I realise I've left it late but again, scheduling these blog posts is a tricky thing.

9. I've been watching the inbetweeners and I have a love hate relationship with the show. I do find it funny, but it is so overrated that I literally cannot stand when people make references to it irl, and I only get a few laughs out of it at best. I think the only saving grace for me is Simon Bird, who I actually love. But he's also annoyed me cause his new show 'The Kind is Dead' is pants. *sigh*

10. Today it is the 10/10/10! I am quite weird about things like that, I just find it so so fascinating. And that it will only happen again twice more, with 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 and thats it (well, for my lifetime anywho) which is quite bizarre. But thats wy there are 10 things on my share sunday, I tried to expand it and ramble just to make 10 points.. see what I did there? I know.. GENIUS.


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