006 Share Sunday

1. I got the job! I will be starting around mid November and working 21 hours a week, plus my 16 hours at school.. pretty much means I won't have alot of time to blog I am afraid. My blog will always be something I put time aside to work on, but obviously Work and school come first, Fingers crossed I will be okay with my time management! Oh, and it's at phones4u ;)

2. However, I am now in half term *woop* and that means I have lots of times to get posts sorted etc :)

3. I've been MIA because it was my lovely friend Ceri's birthday last night and we all went out, and tonight she is having a party, look at me getting a social life! Well, the picture is what I look like going to this party, it's a 60's theme kinda thing, and I'm wearing a floral romper in hopes that the whole peace flower power thing kinda counts.. I'm no good at themes. You'd think I could at least whip out some of my vintage but no, I am just that bad with themes -sigh-

4. Yes I know, this giveaway has been promised for 3 weeks, I'll get round to it haha!

5. I am getting oh so excited for christmas at the moment, it's my favourite time of year and I can't wait to get really into it :) Are you guys excited?


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